About Us

Tatlıdiller  Confectionery;

The candy brand for a century

Company founded by late Mehmet Tatlıdil and his brother in 1951 at Konya was put into operation  in a 9.000 m2 factory at Adana Çevreyolu with its new and modern aspect by his sons’  Celalettin and Nurettin Tatlıdil brothers, who left the partnership after the death of Mehmet Tatlıdil in 1990.

The 65-year old company which started production with the Mevlana Candy added wine gums, bonbon,  elegant, toffee, compound chocolate to its product portfolio by checking the pulse of domestic and foreign markets and by meeting their demands.

We have been continuing our activity with 60 % export capacity and 40% domestic market share  in our factory working with full capacity and with conscious of the customer satisfaction and the requirements of food production.

Wishing to continue sweeten your mouth for centuries with our philosophy that prioritizes the new products, our active staff following the market, satisfaction of customer and product quality….